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Long Reach Drilling Products is a Canadian company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales, and service of high performance PDC drill bits for the global oil and gas industry.

Through precision engineering and continuous product development, we are able to ensure our drill bits meet and will exceed our customers drilling objectives of performance, quality, and lower cost of drilling

Our Steel and Tungsten-Carbide Matrix body drill bits are manufactured for use in vertical and directional applications. Our drill bits are equipped with the highest quality PDC cutters available, or as specified by our customer; they are installed using our proprietary process which prolongs cutter retention by approximately 30% compared to our competitors.

Our standard line of Drill Bits can be customized as per customer applications on request: impact protection inserts, second row of cutters, back reaming cutters, gauge lengths, and nozzle sizes can be changed to maximize drilling rates for different rock formations.

Our PDC experts can assist with your drilling programs by providing bit selection, post run evaluations, and onsite consulting which helps maintain schedules, and in turn saves time and resources.