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Drill Bit Repair (Remanufacturing back to OEM Standards)

With over 30 years of professional experience, our fully-trained specialists can quickly repair your steel or matrix drill bits to the highest standard of quality. New Cutters are installed using our proprietary process which prolongs cutter retention. Drill bits can be repaired several times depending on dull grade. We use the latest TIG and OXY / Acetylene Hard Metal techniques. We service all brands and sizes of PDC bits currently in use worldwide. We strive to have your repairs completed on time and within budget. We offer affordable prices on all our repair services.

A thorough IADC repair estimate is done at no cost and all repairs are started only after final price approval by the client.

Bit Repair Services Provided by Long Reach:

Drill Bit Inspection
a. Photograph
b. Dull Grade
c. Estimate Repairs

a. Sandblasting & Painting
b. Cutter Rotation
c. Cutter Replacement
d. Nozzle Replacement
e. Repair Damaged Jet Nozzle Sockets
f. Matrix and Steel body bit repairs
g. Gauge Repair
h. Add Hardfacing
i. Silver Solder

Final Inspection
a. Master Technician Inspection
b. Repair Report Provided